I was pleased to join the September 25 edition of the OnEducation podcast, hosted by Mike Washburn and Glen Irvin, as their guest to discuss a recent article I published on the case of student hacking (“Like Moths to a Flame,” a version of which was later posted on EdSurge as “When 12-Year-Olds Can Breach School IT Systems, Who’s Responsible?“). In our 20 minute discussion, we briefly review the incident, talk through some red flags with respect to the district’s security program, identify some ways the district might have avoided the incident, and brainstorm some ways the district could have responded differently (and better).

I enjoyed the conversation and–for those following this still developing story–it provides some additional details and nuance to the situation.

Take a listen (note: that the segment starts at about 32:20 if you want to skip ahead to the discussion.)


My thanks to Mike and Glen for their interest in the story.