Tawnell Hobbs of the Wall Street Journal has done a deep dive on the issue of K-12 cybersecurity, specifically on the rise of ransomware. She broke the story of the Clark County (Las Vegas) School District ransomware incident (“Hacker Releases Information on Las Vegas-Area Students After Officials Donโ€™t Pay Ransom“) and recently wrote a front-page piece focused on the experiences of the ransomware attack on Athens ISD (“Schools Struggling to Stay Open Get Hit by Ransomware Attacks“).

Talk about a timely topic.

Along with Tony Brooks (the Director of Technology for Athens ISD), she recently joined ‘The Journal’ – a podcast “about money, business and power,” hosted by Kate Linebaugh and Ryan Knutson – to talk about the experiences of Athens ISD and more broadly about the scourge of ransomware attacks against school districts. Give it a listen: