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Healy, Michelle. “Protecting Student And Employee Data In The Cyber Age.” American School Board Journal. June 2018.

At least 320 K-12 cybersecurity-related incidents, both intentional and unintentional, have been reported in the media since January 2016, says education technology consultant Douglas Levin. His…website…is well known for its K-12 cyberincident map and database. But Levin is quick to note that the database only includes publicly reported school-based cyberincidents and that many more likely go unreported.


“There’s no reason to believe that schools would be immune or exempt from the larger trend of more data breaches,” Levin says. “In some respects, schools might be in a more difficult position” because of their growing reliance on online technology; tendency to use a wide variety of devices, software, and online sites; substantial number of users; and budget constraints when it comes to hiring staff skilled in technology security.

Note: between when this article went to print and its publication, 14 additional cyber incidents have been added to the K-12 Cyber Incident Map. Also, the Map and related content has been re-located to its new home on this website.

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