Rockingham County (NC) Schools made headlines when a malware attack (identified as the Emotet Trojan) penetrated network security and infected computers, external media, back drives, and servers. During the December 2017 attack, the district ended up taking down their entire network and rebuilding it from the bottom up.

In this podcast, produced by the EduTechGuys while in attendance at FETC 2019David Henderson and Jeff Madlock, we hear from Kacey Sensenich (Chief Technology Officer of Rockingham County Schools) about the district’s experience with the incident: how it happened, how the malware was discovered and then removed, and what the district is doing now for added protection.

FETC 2019 – Kacey Sensenich

Talks about the malware attack that occurred at her district and the steps taken to eradicate it and prevent future outbreaks.

With the benefit of having the incident behind her, Sensenich has embraced the role of mentor: telling the district’s story broadly and helping other districts with incident response and planning. Indeed, if her district had to go through a trial-by-fire, that’s perhaps the best outcome of all.