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Brown, Emily Ann. “Most devices subject to recent Intel chip vulnerabilities, experts say.” Education Daily. 18 January 2018.

“Virtually every modern computer is affected by these vulnerabilities including those deployed in the classroom and in school server rooms and in tablets/phones,” noted Doug Levin, founder and president of EdTech Strategies LLC.

Want a modern device you can trust? Use a Raspberry Pi.

Need other reasons to question the trustworthiness of your CPUs? Let’s not forget that most modern Intel and AMD chips were known to be vulnerable before Meltdown and Spectre were even disclosed (see: “Intel’s Management Engine is a security hazard, and users need a way to disable it.” and “Security Flaw in AMD’s Secure Chip-On-Chip Processor Disclosed Online“).

One long-term solution: support open source software (“The Intel Management Engine: an attack on computer users’ freedom“) and hardware (“Why Intel x86 must die: Our cloud-centric future depends on open source chips.”)

Note, too, that some computer manufacturers are already shipping devices with Intel ME disabled (or have announced plans to do so):