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The COPPA Rule, FERPA, and the Security of Student Data

Both FERPA and the COPPA Rule presume that schools have the resources and knowledge to assess their own data security practices, to say nothing of that of their vendors. Emerging evidence suggests that this presumption should be challenged. The FTC and ED can take affirmative action to improve the security with which schools and their vendors treat student data.

UPDATED (3/22/17): IRS Official to Schools: “One of the Most Dangerous Email Phishing Scams We’ve Se

It is inevitable that the education sector will experience data breaches and be subject to cyberattacks. One recent phishing attack has become so widespread and so damaging that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) itself has issued public guidance for schools on how to respond. Please share this information widely, educate yourself, and work with your schools to mitigate the risks of handling personal data of school employees, students, and their families.