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Keeping the K-12 Cyber Incident Map and related resources up-to-date takes a substantial amount of time, as does the production of original research and commentary on school cybersecurity-related issues. All of this costs money (as do the hard costs associated with hosting and maintaining a website, cyber incident database, and email newsletter). The main reason to support this work, thus, is to keep it independent and online — as well as to underwrite future enhancements to the services offered by the site.

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The K-12 Cybersecurity Resource Center compiles K-12 cyber incident trends annually in a high-profile, interactive report series (“The State of K-12 Cybersecurity: Year in Review”). Sponsoring organizations are provided a range of benefits, based on their level of support. Sponsorship is now being accepted for the 2020 annual report, as described in the 2020 Sponsorship Brochure

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The K-12 Cyber Incident Map is powered by a unique database of information about school cybersecurity incidents and the districts they’ve affected. Address strategic questions facing your state, district, or organization. Reach your audiences with timely, research-based insights. Advocate for your policies and ideas. Contact me to discuss your requirements.

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