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Keeping the K-12 Cyber Incident Map and related resources up-to-date takes a substantial amount of time, as does the production of original research and commentary on school cybersecurity-related issues. All of this costs money (as do the hard costs associated with hosting and maintaining a website). The main reason to support this work, thus, is to keep it independent and online.

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Patreon, while convenient for many, is a third-party service that seeks to manage and control the interaction between creators and their supporters and beneficiaries. As such, they can change their terms of service, raise fees, and/or extract data about creators and users in ways that are less than desirable. It is for this reason that direct donations are preferred.

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If you benefit from this work in your capacity as a school, non-profit, or for-profit company employee, please consider the Institutional/Corporate Supporter level. Paying annually offers a discount over recurring monthly support.

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