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Schools Prove Soft Targets for Hackers

Like big businesses, schools gather a lot of data. Unlike big businesses, they don’t have many IT and security resources to protect that information. Schools collect names and birth dates, social security numbers, discipline records and health records. With this data, thieves can create fake online identities, or sell the students’ information and identities.

Schools Should Delete Facebook

According to recent research by EdTech Strategies, more than 25 percent of school district websites embed user tracking tools that report sensitive user data back to Facebook. In the wake of a high-profile data-privacy scandal involving the social media company, schools and education organizations are taking a closer look at how and why they engage with Facebook.

Schools Struggle to Keep Pace With Hacki...

To better understand the cybersecurity challenges facing schools, Education Week talked with school leaders in Arizona, Connecticut, Montana, and Texas about the cybersecurity incidents they faced, and how they responded. They found that the country’s K-12 information-technology leaders are likely underestimating the dangers they face and that many are failing to take even basic steps to secure their networks and data.