As quoted in:

Watters, Audrey. “The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade.” Hack Education. 31 December 2019.

“To be clear, the K-12 Cyber Incident Map isn’t on this list because it is a bad idea. To the contrary, the map, which documents the 700+  cybersecurity-related incidents in K-12 schools since 2016 — ransomware attacks, DDoS attacks, data breaches, phishing attacks, and the like — is a necessary idea, as it underscores the utterly dismal state of cybersecurity in education.


“Run by EdTech Strategies’ Doug Levin, who has created an accompanying cybersecurity resource center, the map should prompt districts to ask why they are collecting so much data, why they are buying software that collects so much data, and what kind of capacities and policies are they building internally to address what is clearly going to be an ongoing issue for all schools.”