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Herold, Benjamin. “Student Hackings Highlight Weak K-12 Cybersecurity.” Education Week. 12 June 2018.

Doug Levin, who tracks K-12 cybersecurity breaches through his consulting firm, EdTech Strategies, said the incident highlights the mixed messages schools are giving students.


“We’re telling kids that tech is the future and learning to code is where all the good jobs are,” Levin said. “It’s not surprising that they would use these tools to test limits, including with the school IT systems they know best.”

“Recurring problems on that front speak to a larger problem in the K-12 sector, said Levin of EdTech Strategies.


“The adults have to take responsibility, too,” Levin said. “If a 14-year old can penetrate your system this easily, you’re not locking the windows and doors like you should be.”