The Complete Privacy and Security Podcast is a joint effort of Michael Bazzell and Justin Carroll. Together, they wrote the “The Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference: Volume I” and are currently collaborating on the next volume in this series. With law enforcement, military, and government experience–in both how to conduct digital surveillance and avoid it–they are by any standard privacy enthusiasts. Their podcast was launched in attempt to keep the material in their book up to date with the fast evolving digital landscape and as a vehicle to engage with their readers.

The latest podcast (hosted by Justin Carroll and his guest, Jason) focuses squarely on issues I track and cover on this site: “Protecting Your Kids’ Privacy.” While neither are experts on K-12 education or educational technology (hardly), it is nonetheless an insightful look into how knowledgeable and tech-savvy parents who either need or desire to maintain privacy for their families navigate public schools embrace of Google’s Chromebook ecosystem and the embedded nature of technology in many families’ lives.

Give it a listen (the segment runs from about 4:05 to 44:00) – and let me know what you think:

052 – Protecting Your Kids’ Privacy by The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast