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Olenick, Doug. “Cyberattack map shows impacted U.S. school districts.” SC Media. 2 May 2018.

The map is the brainchild of Doug Levin, president and founder of EdTech Strategies, and is part of a larger attempt to categorize, defend and combat school cyberattacks. The map includes all manner of attacks including, data breaches, phishing attacks and other occurrences that lead to school and personal information being exposed. There are now more than 330 incidents, generally gathered from local news sources and required disclosures, listed and Levin said he hopes the map and the incident spur further interest in improving school security and the need for districts to report attacks.


“In general, neither schools, nor school vendors are compelled to publicly report all such incidents. Indeed, one could argue that is in their self-interest to minimize public disclosure or not to do so at all. As such, it is nearly impossible to have a concrete conversation about the state of privacy and security in the K-12 world as it is,” Levin said.